Fundación Alter Ego, the Chilean Cerebral Palsy Foundation, is a non-profit charitable institution under private law and whose purpose is, through education and comprehensive rehabilitation, ensure that children and young people with cerebral palsy and / or Neuromotor Disorders, lead a more normal, independent life and with opportunities.

Fundación Alter Ego was created in 1994, with legal personality granted by the Ministry of Justice according to the Supreme Decrees No. 291 and 1102. It has developed mainly through its unique Rehabilitation Centre located in the Metropolitan region, Chile.

Our Integral Rehabilitation Center has unique characteristics, constituting a solid alternative of education and rehabilitation for children and young people from all the communes of the great Santiago.

The valuable and unprecedented experience and training acquired by our professionals in these subjects, has also enabled our institution to become a prestigious source of advice and development for students and professionals from across the country, and many universities with which we maintain collaboration agreements, such as apprenticeships and internships for students.

Today, thanks to the support of different financing mechanisms, we can continue to dream of realizing our commitment to the children and youth who we attend here, and with the many children that are waiting for their rehabilitation.

The task is great and the needs infinite. For this reason we intend to summon all those who want to support us in our work, so that in this way we can meet our goals and objectives.


Contribute so that our children and youth with Cerebral Palsy and / or Neuromotor disorders improve their quality of life, helping them to develop their potential in terms of independence, self-esteem and participation in society, through all means conducive to that end.

In this way we seek:

  • to provide medical care, diagnostic orientation, rehabilitation therapy and special education.
  • to provide support and assistance to the family group of the child.
  • to develop research programs, experimentation and expertise.
  • to provide support and assistance to the people of the national community, linked to the objectives of the Foundation.


1. To improve the quality of life of our children, youth and their families.

2. To work every day to deliver the best quality of our services.

We go about achieving our goals through:

  • Having a Model Rehabilitation Centre, in technology, treatment techniques and training of professionals.
  • Providing adequate infrastructure for the implementation of measures for the rehabilitation therapy and special education.
  • Permanently training the multidisciplinary team, nationally and internationally.
  • Providing support and advice in the creation and implementation of centers in the Metropolitan Region and other regions.